-A native to California, Beriandize has been a hardcore Marxist-Leninist of the Stalinist variety from day one. He believes the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist conclusions on class conflict are ultimately fundamentally correct. Berianizde keeps the News part of the website going and manages and edits several other peers who write News for him.  He also contributes to Editorials.

Metal Gear
-From NorthEast USA, the poster known as Metal Gear is the technological visionary behind the product known as Free Media Productions. He believes in ideologically contingency; that there are good and bad leaders on both the right and the left and one must use critical thinking to solve the problems of individual nations. He believes that the debate over ideology in America is simplified and restricted by powerful elites who benefit from bourgeois liberalism.

Not being a literalist on class analysis, he believes the solutions to the problems in the world caused by scarcity will arise from massive technological improvements rather than redistribution of material.

Metal Gear is an outspoken critic of globalism and simultaneously of undisciplined capitalism. From the point of view of Metal Gear, markets should exist to an extent, but should be completely subservient to nationalistic and ideological interests. Metal Gear possesses a personal interest in anthropology and calls himself a "race realist."

-Also known as "Spark," Chapev is a Marxist-Leninist who has made a name for himself on the internet and is known for his criticism of international Zionism.

-MIM stands for “Maoist International Movement.”  Ex-MIM used to be in the Maoist International Movement and now follows his own ideology.

Erich Hekkenschroeder
-A known contributor among resistance circles, Erik Hekkenschoedar deals mainly with commuications and propaganda. His ideology is Marxist-Leninism.

Marlon Hobbes
-Marlon Hobbes is an anti-imperialist of undeclared ideology.

-Cmdr is an anti-imperialist who identifies with Hugo Chavez's brand of socialism and is ideologically in-line with those resisting the US-Israel Entity's crusade into Muslim lands.

-Hermans is a contributor who is known for his strong anti-Zionist positions. Outside of his anti-Zionism, he is more mainstream in most of his viewpoints than the rest of the website.

Ned Malone
-Ned Malone is a Marxist-Leninsts who has racialist overtones in his views. He hails from Canada.

-From California, repeal17thamendment is the only "liberal" who has contributed to FMP. He is a strong guns right advocate and believes modern America has deviated from the constitution. From repeal's view, the America of today is deviant from the ideals of America at the time of the founders.

-A true "Ba'athist," Wahdahurriya supports Saddam Hussein's form of non-Marxist socialism and is of Arabian descent.

William Shatner
-William Shatner is a Socialist but not necessarily a Marxist or an affiliate of any Marxist parties. He believes in contingency to an extent, and formulates his ideology based off more of his own analysis than off of a hardline following of Marx.

Recruited from the website "Socialist Courier," Ajohnston writes largely about bourgeois politics and economics. He is part of a syndication deal to cross-post between the two websites for increased exposure.

Also recruited from "Socialist Courier," Prolerat writes mainly about Marxist-Leninism and organizes activist events.

Recruited from "Socialist Courier," Eggoture writes about wars, current events and bourgeois politics.

Maoist Rebel News - Maoist Rebel News is a youtube broadcasting channel which has entered into an agreement with Free Media Productions to display content for increased exposure. The name is self-explanatory. The youtube channel is filled with people who support Mao's interpretation of Marxist-Leninism.

Red St. Just - From California, Red St. Just is a self-described anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist; he covers economics and foreign affairs.

Elijah C. - From Illinois, Elijah C. is an Islamic socialist/Marxist fellow traveler of Albanian descent. He covers Middle East issues and Eastern Europe.

S. Ignatiashvili - A Stalinist from Tbilisi, Georgia. S. Ignatiashvili covers the Caucasus - including Georgia, Abkhazia, S. Ossetia, Caucasus Emirate.

Iron Bolshevik - From Northern California, Iron Bolshevik is a self-described Marxist-Leninist (anti-revisionist). He covers politics, Russia and former Soviet Union.

Jordan A. - From California, Jordan A. covers issues related to the media, economics and the DPRK/China.

Tskitishvili - From Abkhazia, Tskitishvili is a Georgian who covers Central Asia, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East/South Asia.

Al-Nasrallah - From California, Al-Nasrallah is an Islamic socialist (Jamahiriya) of Arab descent. He covers Lebanon/Syria/Libya/Palestine.